Laboratorio Natural

<transcy>About Us</transcy>

We are a specialized brand in the development of technical fabrics with different applications for different sectors.

We have decided to invest in fabrics with natural fibers and sustainable treatments, with a useful life up to three times longer than other treatments on the market, thus reducing the environmental impact by up to 30% thanks to the technology of the CB-20 Antiviric Textiles® treatment.


Productos personalizados

<transcy>Experts in the Textile Sector</transcy>

The secret of SALASANA PROTECT is the close collaboration with a team of companies specialized in developing safe fabrics with maximum performance and manufactured entirely in Spain.

SALASANA PROTECT develops new custom projects for the most demanding customers , adopting the product to each need.


We continue to create and develop new products to provide solutions to people, offering greater PROTECTION AND SECURITY WITHOUT NEGLECTING QUALITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT